Freshers  Academy Program 

This is a purpose driven program, the best in its league for its incorporation of a complete package in building people.

The training involves building finest qualities in ‘Goal setting’ and application of Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving, Communication , Empathy,

TeamWork in achieving this goal. We help candidates to set a goal of  building world class products using Data Science and Machine Learning that will have a significant impact on human lives.

All technical and soft skill expertise is built for this purpose. Candidates will have deep knowledge  on the value of the product they are building and they will be able to measure the impact it will have on its users.

Redcan has come up with a freshers program that will benefit recent graduates and employers to benefit all the involved parties. 

For employers it will reduce the cost of hiring, lead time and ensure well-trained candidates. 

Recent graduates will receive on the job experience and extensive knowledge with practical orientation. They will not be underpaid or pushed into scams.

How does Fresher’s academy work? 

Hiring fresher’s can be challenging as opposed to hiring experienced professionals who have a proven track record of abilities, achievements and commitment. It doesn’t work well for many companies who don’t have structured training programs. Hence they cancel hiring fresh graduates altogether. 

Redcan has identified this problem in the industry and decided to fix it through our Fresher’s Academy. 

In this program we collaborate with companies that are seeking fresher talent but do not have training programs to help candidates perform well. We promise the companies to deliver the right talent after learning about their job requirement and company culture. 

At the same time, we identify a pool of fresh graduates who have the ability and mindset to do the work and to finish our training in 90 days. We match the candidate with the appropriate JD of the company. Once you get hired, we take a small commission for training, coaching, mentoring and matching the candidates with the right job profile and companies. 

How do we train you? 

  • Technical expertise: Candidates will be trained to become technical experts in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Science using Python & Tensor Flow 
  • High impact real world projects: Candidates can choose from a list of highly impactful projects designed from different B2C & B2B domains like Medical, Automobiles, Aero, and HR & Marketing 
  • Guest lectures: These lectures are delivered by Industry experts to motivate the candidates and provide them insights & best practices related to the real world. The objective is to make candidate understand thoroughly on the knowledge they have and the knowledge they have to build to make sure they are creating highly impactful products 
  • Soft skills training: The objective is to build great culture in candidates who will then be ready for great work 

How much do we charge you? 

Absolutely nothing!

Can you believe it? 

We charge you nothing if you commit to our program and improve your knowledge and skills to get hired by a company.

5 Reasons why you should join freshers academy!

  • Your job is our responsibility: It is like actors and agents. We get paid only if you get placed. Hence rest is assured, you are in good hands. 
  • We offer placements in top companies: No, we don’t just hand you over to any firm, but we’ll place you where you can grow and build a career. 
  • Minimum salary of 5 L. P. A: No, we don’t make you accept lowball offers. We want you to get paid your worth! 
  • You get trained by the best trainers in the industry: This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to be trained by the best. 
  • You will master soft skills and interview skills: We do not just teach you technology and science. We know that to truly excel in an organization, human skills are vital. Hence by the time you complete our training, you’ll be equipped with interview skills and improved set of soft skills. 

5 criteria for joining freshers academy!

  • B.Tech / M.Tech/MCA/MSC. Maths: Presently, we need technology graduates.  
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics & IT: And we are looking at candidates from Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics & IT streams
  • ‘A’ Grade Colleges/Universities:  Fresher’s academy is going to be an intensive training program in just 90 days. We want people who can absorb the curriculum and provide results for the success of the program. 
  • Aggregate score above 70%:  We need candidates who are high performing graduates. 
  • 2020 graduates: We are looking for freshers who have completed their courses in 2020. 

How to Join Fresher’s academy?

If you satisfy the above criteria, please register your names on the link below: