5 reasons why you need leadership training in Startups!

Author: Kafeela Parvin

Having worked in a corporate environment and with dozens of startups, let me tell you that working in startups have a different swing all together.  

People are young and energetic. They have a hunger to learn and build. The vibe is unfathomable.

And yes, startups cannot afford to hire mid and senior-level managers from corporates. So, from Bill Gates to Zuckerburg, every startup always hires fresh graduates. It’s a startup thing!

Since the processes are not entirely defined, the startup environment is always challenging. Everybody contributes more than and outside their job responsibilities. There is a challenge with every aspect of your job, and every day is a Villain. But sometimes, when you turn those challenges into opportunities, you beautifully turn the day into a Hero.

But the problem with startups is that you get more practical learning on the job than structured training. Especially for soft skills such as leadership, you will definitely have no standardized learning path even in big companies. And most of the startups take this lightly. But the truth is, startups need leadership training just as much as corporates. Maybe, even more.

These are the five reasons why leadership training is inevitable for startups:

1. To take up additional responsibilities 

In a startup ecosystem, people are always required to do more than what their job responsibilities command. It is easier for people to get tired. But proper training should be able to bridge the gap between current demand and future growth. People must take charge of new responsibilities and own them like leaders.

2. To have a growth mindset and trust

There are many startups that overwork employees. It is hard. In that scenario, employees choose to show a blind eye towards new opportunities. Hence, it becomes mandatory to go through a leadership training program that inculcates a growth mindset and trust in employees.

3. To be productively empathetic

A leader should be empathetic. He should be empathetic towards employees, their dilemmas, personal troubles, mental health issues, and productive capabilities. At the end of the day, human feelings matter. A leader should be able to find and offer balancing solutions between business challenges and employees.

4. For company expansion

Your startup will not remain a startup forever. It has to grow. When it does, there will be more structured departments or additional offices. But remember, you still have those fresh graduates with you. They were the people who overworked for you. They handled other responsibilities at small wages. Now, you would like them to take charge of these departments or new offices that you have created. But if they still haven’t received some leadership training, it is going to be hard for them. Yes, they were your best employees. But could they be better leaders?

5.To accomplish a futuristic trajectory If your company has a vision and it is innovative, you definitely want employees who can think and act like leaders and envision the future in your team. Not a bunch of lazy losers. But if you feel like lethargy is hitting employees, you need a reliable and carefully crafted leadership program to awaken them.

Why should you choose the Redcan leadership program? 

“Corporations are victims of the great training robbery. American companies spend enormous amounts of money on employee training and education—$160 billion in the United States and close to $356 billion globally in 2015 alone—but they are not getting a good return on their investment. For the most part, the learning doesn’t lead to better organizational performance, because people soon revert to their old ways of doing things” – Harvard Business Review

“For a startup to succeed, it’s not enough to have a good business idea. Resilience, passion, flexibility, focus, trust, and people skills are just as important for success. But success should not only be measured in terms of numerical gains; an enterprise’s social and environmental contributions also should be considered” – Wharton Business School 

Redcan is the only firm in recent times that you will come across, which prioritizes altruistic values more than revenue. We actually believe in offering your money’s worth than reaping you. Redcan saves you from training robbery through a carefully curated training program with a practical difference in the mindset of people. Our program will teach you to:

  • Lead across organizational or geographical boundaries.
  • Learn the art of collaboration.
  • Solve complicated problems & take wise action in complex, rapidly changing conditions.
  • Manage stress, build resiliency & leverage multiple life roles.
  • Build a network of supportive leaders to continue development

Yes, in this world, everything can be about money. But trust us, we care. We want to offer you value!

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