We provide 360 degree Talent services & solutions for tech-companies in Bangalore to scale their businesses to the next level. While technology is the booming force of enterprises now, human resource still drives the wagon. We help organizations not to fall behind in the Tech-Talent game with something you have never heard before!

About Redcan

We are the best in providing the HR solutions to the IT firms in Bangalore. We offer 360 degree HR services such as shared services, human resource consulting, recruitment, employer branding, and training to the clients, thus becoming the one-stop-HR solutions hub for your workforce needs. We help you to acquire the right talent in your organization through cost-effective methods. Besides, stay-tuned with us for learning more about our revolutionary HR platform for startups, freelancers, and HR professionals!

At Redcan, we research daily to offer the best possible services to our clients. It helps us to stay ahead in the market by updating the trends. We are trendsetters in the HR industry, not followers. Through updated service models, trained human resources, efficient systems, and productive employees, and also by building our own innovative solutions, Redcan stays relevant in the marketplace.

Analytics is the key to modern planning and performance. We take analytics seriously. At Redcan, we use various analytics tools to design our services and also to measure the performance of the services we are delivering to you. We always ensure the best for our clients.

New in Redcan!

We are a Can of surprises. You will never expect what we will bring to you to revolutionize the Human Resource industry. However, stay tuned with us to experience the power and capabilities of our brainchild- Morsher, which will change the way HR works in the coming years! This platform will support freelancers, HR professionals, startups, and IT firms.

Our Services

Talent Research & Insights

Are you struggling with task in hand and employees in the organization? Are you anticipating challenges with regards to the requirement – task completion ratio? Well, you have to figure out a better talent management strategy to avoid the problem.  We are here to help you.

Shared Services & Support

Are you a start-up? Do you not have the budget for an HR department at the moment? We will help you to manage your company’s HR dilemmas through shared services. Drafting policies, managing pay-rolls, or conducting orientation programs, we are here to serve you.

Recruitment Assistance & Guidance

We do not let you settle for ordinary talent. Yes, we do have a solution to your recruitment challenge, as well. We provide the best pool of candidates for the vacancy at your firm. We have our own set of proven tests to ensure the quality of the pool to save your time.

Training & Development

Do you need to up-skill your employees? We provide learning modules and training for both hard- skills & soft-skills. We do not share general lessons everywhere. Our material will be specifically curated for your needs after conducting a detailed study in your organization to assess the requirement.

Employer Branding Services

Have you heard of Employer branding services? Positive employer branding will help the best pool of candidates to choose your company in a gist. It will improve the quality of the recruitment pool, offer acceptance rate and help to save your time and money. We offer employer branding services to suit the personality of your company.

HR Consulting & Solutions

Are you suffering from a high attrition rate and mediocre talent? Our consulting service can detect the root cause of your problem and fix it for you!

Meet Our Team

Vijay Reddy – Founder

Vijay has 19 years of corporate excellence in IT with top MNC’s. He has realized his passion for transferring his in-depth knowledge, skills, and experience to other professionals through structured corporate training. Over the past years, Vijay has offered training to more than 1500 professionals from 150+ firms. With a clear sight of understanding the need and scope of having a trustworthy B2B platform for Indian Startups & SMEs, he founded RedCan. He has clear visions for the firm to scale it to the next level by promoting it into India’s most trusted and inevitable tech platforms, which offer incredible services. With the mission-aligned around talent development, Vijay continues to enjoy training even in his current role. Vijay’s passion for learning, developing, and teaching new ideas and skills are commendable, and it is the binding force of Redcan.

Keerthy Kunila

Keerthy is an M.Tech graduate who began her career as a college lecturer and found her passion in HR industry. After joining Redcan as a Senior Recruiter she got good exposure to the recruitment industry. The insights that were derived during this course of time were very exciting and together with the team she is determined to disrupt Recruitment industry and be part of game changing solution.

Chindu Varghese

A seasoned Business Development Manager and an expert in the field of sales & customer service for more than 3 years. His expertise lies in requirement gathering, problem solving, strategising, in-depth product knowledge, client satisfaction, rapport building & market research. He is known for his precise analysis of client’s needs and providing solutions that address their needs perfectly.

Trupti Ajagond

As Market research analyst Trupti conducts research and gathers data to make crucial decisions. She collects data on consumer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits and analyzes and interprets the data. She conducts competitor studies, social media management, and analytics. She is responsible for defining and driving innovative traditional and modern marketing methods for the company.

Kafeela Parvin

Kafeela is an established content writer and content marketing strategist, She has worked with some of the biggest brands in India, UAE, USA and Australia. She is a content witch and can easily do any form of content such as creative writing, blogging, business writing, academic writing, content and copy writing. She has graduated with Dual Master-degrees from prestigious institutions in USA and India. At Redcan she performs the role of content developer and marketing analyst.

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